Reading Spoilers


Before you buy a book to read, my advice to you would be to read the spoilers, find out what’s gonna happen, who’s gonna die.

Now I can hear some people gasping and saying ” how can you do that and still enjoy the book?” or  “Tsk, tsk, that’s a bad habit”. However as an adult I’ve come to realize the value of time, money and my emotions. Why should I buy a book only to find out after 3-5 days and $3012 later that I don’t like the book or that the book is going to have a sad ending? I say $3012 because while the book may be worth something like say $12, the emotional investment and the time I put into it  is worth much more.

Will you still enjoy the book after you know who’s gonna die and what’s gonna happen? Well, that all depends on the book. You see the spoilers can’t pass across the humor or the wit of the story or dialogue. The spoilers don’t create the world of the story for you. The spoilers don’t make you fall in love with the characters. All of the above can only happen when you actually read the book. These aspects are what make a story interesting. The suspense of what’s gonna happen also makes the story interesting, but, believe me, the loss of that is a small price to pay.

Just don’t read the book without reading the spoilers. If you do, you  might end up in an emotional mess when you have to grieve over a character you loved who either dies or does something to make you hate them.


However, if you’re the type of reader who won’t be happy unless someone dies in the story, then discard my advice. I think your emotions will be intact at the end of the book.