The Emperor’s Edge


No more waiting for MANEROS!


I’m going to write two short stories (very short stories), and I want you to finish them as quickly as possible. Finish them how you think most people (movie script writers, authors, etc) would finish stories like these. Here they are:
Story 1
Doyin starting running even before she heard the beast roar. She had to get to the entrance where Anya, the Eagle, was waiting to carry her, Kaleb, and the other people to the Vale. Doyin was moving as fast as her legs could carry her, but she could hear the beast gaining on her. She tripped and fell, her heart also dropping as well as her body. The beast was upon her. Doyin let out a shriek as deafening as the beast’s roar……………………………………………………….. (please finish the story) .

Story 2

Tola walked hurriedly down the street. There was something ominous in the air; she could feel it. She shivered as she looked around. She hadn’t meant to stay this late, but Helen had come late again, and they had to finish their project tonight. So they had stayed at the library till 10 pm. It hadn’t bothered Tola so much because the streets were usually crowded at this time. However, tonight was different. The shops, cafes, and restaurants were closed, and only a few cars were on the road. She looked around again, this time behind her, and saw someone walking some meters back. Where had this person come from? It looked like a man. She quickened her pace and crossed the road. A few seconds later she looked back again; the man had also crossed the street and he was much closer now. Tola lost all pretense and started running, not caring where she was going. She heard pounding footsteps behind her before she felt hands grab her from behind………………………………………………………….(please finish the story).

A lot of books/films that have scenes like the ones I have just written would have finished these stories by having a man come to the rescue of these women.woman-156934_960_720

Or, if these women were to save themselves, they would have been introduced as kick-butt, Nikta, or kung-fu type women, not the average Doyin or Tola.



The average Doyin needs a Manero (Man hero). Here is a good question: Why can’t these women save themselves?
The Emperor’s edge, the first book in the series by Lindsay Buroker, is different. Amaranthe Lokdon, our main character,  can’t kick a lot of butt. Early on in the book, Amaranthe gets herself in a very tight spot. In my opinion there was no way out, and a part of me was waiting for a Manero to come save her. Amaranthe shed a few tears herself. Then something happened that you don’t see in a lot stories: Amaranthe wiped her tears away, and she started to plan her escape! And escape she did, without any Manero to the rescue.
Why I like this book(series)– Fantastic and funny characters. The main character Amaranthe is an inspiration on how to lead, how to not feel sorry for yourself, and how to love.
What I don’t like–  Dialogue can be funny without sexual innuendo.


The Curse of Chalion

 The path to a great story

The Curse of Chalion, by Lois McMaster Bujold, starts with a former soldier returning to his childhood home. Where is he coming from?  We don’t know. Why is he in this unfortunate state? We don’t know. Nevertheless, just follow him. Follow him back to his childhood home; follow him as he becomes a tutor to a princess; follow him into the palace; and before you know it, you will find that you have followed him into your heart.
Why I like this book- This is a very intricately woven story. It’s heartwarming. It takes the finger of God to be able to write stories where everything falls into place. This story does just that.
What I don’t like– I have no criticisms.