Wattpad and my favorite writers



I first heard of Wattpad through an author who I follow on Facebook, W.R. Gingell, the author of the Shards of a Broken Sword trilogy. She is currently writing a book on Wattpad entitled Bright As the Eyes of You, and whenever she posts a chapter on Wattpad, she lets her fans on Facebook know.
So what is Wattpad? Wattpad is an online community for lovers of stories. While EBooks may have revolutionized the book publishing world, Wattpad is revolutionizing the book writing and reading experience. It’s basically a website where writers, including those who write fan fiction, post their stories chapter by chapter, and readers get a chance to read these stories for free. Yes, you read that correctly, for free.
As I mentioned in my last post, I decided to publish a short (comic book intended) story that I had written some time ago; I decided to do so on Wattpad. What I like about Wattpad is the fact that it has a mobile app. You no longer have to be sitting in front of your laptop in order to write/edit. You can write/edit anything you want immediately on your phone. This is great for those moments of inspiration that come whenever you’re far, far away from your laptop. Furthermore, the distance between readers and writers is shortened because now readers can give you feedback on every line of your story, commenting on what they like and do not like.
All types of writers are on Wattpad: the published and the aspiring writer. As a reader, you get a whole range of stories with beautiful cover art (stress the ‘beauti’ part of that beautiful). After posting my story, I decided to really go on a story hunt for my favourite authors. I found Intisar Khanani, the author of Bone Knife and the Sunbolt Chronicles, Katie Cross, author of the Network Series, the first book in the series (Miss Mabel School for Girls) is free on Wattpad, and even Lindsay Buroker (She has three of the Emperor’s Edge series on there) and Martha Wells! I think more authors need to be on Wattpad…. hem, hem…… Rabia Gale, Lois McMaster Bujold, Patricia Mckillip are you reading this…..?


The Developers

I was looking through some of my book files some days ago, and I came across a document entitled Short comic stories. I clicked on it and began reading a story that I had written like a year ago. I had stopped writing it because I thought that I wasn’t achieving what I had set out to do, and I didn’t know how to continue the story. Well, imagine my pleasure as I read a story that made me laugh and piqued my interest. I guess some time away from the story allowed me to look at it with new eyes, and it allowed me to see the potential in the story. I have touched up the first chapter of this story (think of a comic book setting as you read),  and it’s been posted  here on Wattpad:




The story is about Taiwo Adeola, a carefree twenty something with supernatural abilities. She puts on the TV to find out that her identical twin sister is a suspect in an assault. As a supernatural who hasn’t registered her abilities, Taiwo knows she can’t let the authorities track her down…..