I wrote my first book!



So I have finally written my first book. It’s called Dealing with your implicit racism (For black people and anti-racism activists). It isn’t only for these specified people; it’s for everyone who is interested in dealing with racism. In the book, I talk about how I struggled with racism, and what I eventually did to fight against it. It will help anyone who is willing to be open and honest with themselves where racism is concerned.


The book is currently being edited and will be published by in April 2017.


I am looking for as many early reviewers  as possible who would be interested in getting a free advance copy and would then post an honest review of the book on all  English Amazon sites, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, ibooks, and Smashwords. If you’re interested, or if you know people who would be interested, please send me a message on my Facebook page: Mebooks blog, and I’ll send you a copy.