Changing a bad habit and racism


Have you ever struggled with a bad habit or just a behavior that you feel you can never change? Or have you ever held an opinion that you thought was the truth, that you could never see things differently?

That was how I felt when I decided to fight the explicit racist views I had of black people. I felt that I was not going to change because what I believed had nothing to do with me and everything to do with reality and the truth.

Nevertheless, I had made my decision to fight, and fight I did. And in my fight, I learned how to change my beliefs and opinions, and I learned that a lot of beliefs that people hold about black people are not their own beliefs, but rather beliefs they were exposed to as a child.

You can find out more about my fight to deal with my own racism in my book DEALING WITH YOUR IMPLICIT RACISM (For black people and anti-racism activists).



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