Growing up racist

No one is born a racist. So then why do people have racist views about Blacks, black people included? The answer is brainwashing.

Growing up, I was taught a lot of things explicitly and implicitly. I was taught a certain version of what it meant to respect adults, what it meant for a wife to submit to her husband, the woman’s role in the kitchen, and a lot of things about God and the bible.

As I grew older, I was explicitly and implicitly exposed to others ideas about these very issues and much more. These new ideas began to challenge what I had been taught growing up. I saw that in many areas, I had just swallowed certain beliefs because I didn’t know any better, and I didn’t even know that constant exposure to some beliefs would affect my own ideas .

The same process applies to racism. We’ve all been explicitly and implicitly taught negative beliefs about black people. In my book DEALING WITH YOUR IMPLICIT RACISM (For black people and anti-racism activists), I show you how to challenge racist beliefs within yourself.


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