The dangers of implicit racism

The problem with implicit racism is that you usually don’t know it’s there until you behave in a prejudiced manner.


“How  is that possible?”, you may ask.


It’s like those times when you get into a discussion with a sibling; and all of a sudden, it turns into an argument, and you end up angry at your brother or sister and start shouting at them. When you calm down,  you wonder how a simple discussion disintegrated into a fight. After searching your heart for some time, you realize that before the discussion, you were still angry at your sibling because they hogged the TV remote the last time you guys were watching TV and wouldn’t even let you check a channel (And they weren’t even really watching anything). So basically, during the discussion, your irritation found an outlet and let loose.


That’s how implicit racism works, it enters you and twists your perceptions about black people without you realizing it. Then when you interact with a black person (even if you’re black yourself),  it waits for an opportunity and comes out. Later on, you find out on Facebook that the black person you interacted with felt your behavior/words were racist. They also write an essay giving the historical and cultural reasons why they believe what you said or did was racist. And you’re sitting there thinking, “WHAT?!!!!!”

Learn how to find implicit racism in your life by reading my book DEALING WITH YOUR IMPLICIT RACISM (For black people and anti-racism activists). Don’t remain ignorant about this.


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